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You are just three easy steps from ensuring total financial privacy 

Reserve your mix slot

Complete our simple form with your input wallet address (this is the address you are sending Bitcoin from) and the output wallet address (this is where BITMIX will send your clean Bitcoin to - we recommend a new wallet!)

Send your Bitcoin

BITMIX requires your Bitcoin to be deposited within a specified time frame (a timer is displayed once you have reserved a slot.)  This ensures the BITMIX tumbler can function as soon as possible.

Wait 15 minutes

Receive your clean Bitcoin after just 15 minutes (it is sent to the output address you provide.)
BITMIX is the fastest Bitcoin mixer/tumble service available online. The BITMIX process takes just 15 minutes from your deposit confirmation to returning clean coins. 


BITMIX are proud to have a static fee of just 0.005% of your total input amount (this has not changed since 2015!) For example a 21 BTC mix would incur a fee of 0.00105 BTC. We require this fee to operate our mixing service and ensure uptime of the website. 

BITMIX operate our mix service from multiple worldwide locations, all of which our servers are hosted on privately funded VPN's (your fee is used here.) We are extremely proud of our 99.9% uptime and to date we have not had a single moment offline, nor have we had any problems mixing coins!

Many mixing and tumbling services indeed are scams, be careful with who you choose. However, BITMIX have been operating since early 2015 and the team take pride in the service we offer, our reputation is far too valuable to us!
The cryptocurrency world is understandably daunting and risky, finding reviews of our service is particularly difficult (as our users are here for anonymity and often do not leave reviews...!)  Our honest advice is if you feel we are not trustworthy, we will happily discuss any concerns in further detail with you (contact us!)
Wondering why we use a *.tk domain name? It's free and allows us to continue operating at a very low cost, as well as allowing BITMIX to operate anonymously. 

Please contact our friendly support team using the contact page and a BITMIX customer support reprsentative will respond to you within 48 hours.

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